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Jason Vanier, BC-HIS

Littleton, Laconia, & Plymouth

(603) 259-1977

— 30 Day Risk-Free Trial —

Trust Your Hearing Aids Before Committing!

So, you’ve had a hearing test and it’s been determined that you need hearing aids… What now? Come in and meet with Jason to discuss your options! Regardless of what you walk away with, the goal is for you to feel comfortable and to HEAR!! We offer a full 30 days to test your new hearing aids in your every day environment. 


Haven’t had a test yet? We do those too! After your ears have been examined, you will undergo an auditory test involving a series of tones or voices at different frequencies presented to each ear separately.

All steps of a hearing test are painless. Afterwards Jason will discuss the results of your hearing test and make recommendations for next steps if necessary.