New Hampshire’s Premier Hearing Specialist

Jason Vanier, BC-HIS

Littleton, Laconia, Ossipee & Plymouth

(603) 259-1977

New Hampshire’s Premier Hearing Specialist

Jason Vanier, BC-HIS

Littleton, Laconia, Ossipee & Plymouth

(603) 259-1977

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Trusted hearing care in

Littleton, Laconia, Plymouth, and now Ossipee!

We believe in better hearing for pediatrics, geriatrics, and everyone in between!

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About our Team

The main focus of our team here at Family Hearing Center is to work to provide stunning results that exceed expectations to each one of our patients. Our goal is to see you leaving our office with a new spring in your step, ready to face the world with a boosted sense of self-confidence.


Our goal is to make you feel your absolute best. We offer a wide variety of services, all specially designed for each individual.

Your Hearing Health Is Our Number One Priority

At Family Hearing Center, we are committed to providing you the absolute best care for your hearing health possible. With our decades of experience and expertise, we can show you how being able to hear properly will have a positive impact in multiple facets of everyday life.

We strive for excellence and our reviews reflect this. We treat our patients like family because they entrust us with the care of a SENSE- and we only have five of them. We operate state-of-the-art technology in our pristine offices; to be the best, we must utilize the best resources available. Know that you and your loved ones are in good hands.

A Caring Staff For All Patients

Our staff is extensively experienced working with all ages, so everyone is welcome. Comprehensive hearing evaluations and hearing tests for adults and school-aged children are available. Solutions include a full line of hearing aids, rehabilitation, and counseling. We specialize in digital hearing aid technology including assistive listening devices. Learn more how Jason will carefully curate a plan to improve a patient’s hearing capabilities.

Exceptional customer service, very organized and friendly. Much recommended to any friends and family.

cameron cully Avatar cameron cully
October 16, 2022

Jason Vanier, BC-HIS, Owner

Board Certified in Hearing Instrument Sciences

As a hearing professional, Jason offers not only his hearing services and products, but also has the experience to help guide you to a life of better hearing. Jason and his staff offer a wide variety of quality products and professional services. These include hearing evaluations, hearing aid repairs, hearing aid demonstrations, and custom hearing aid fittings for all levels of hearing loss.

A Wide Selection Of Hearing Products

Every hearing issue needs to be treated with individual care and attention- if a hearing aid is needed we will make sure it is the appropriate level of technology. Every model and brand has it’s advantages and it’s our duty to know how to make sure they match up with the specific hearing issues. We will be with you every step of the process- from initial hearing tests to the fitting, purchase, and servicing of hearing aids. Schedule a complimentary hearing consultation today to get started!