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At Vanier Hearing, our goal is to help you become acclimated to your new hearing aids. We strive to help you make this transition as quickly and as pleasantly as possible. If you have questions, or if there is anything you need while you go through the process of relearning to hear, please ask us – we’re here to help. Through our experience, here are five steps to help you during your hearing journey

  1. Admit that your hearing isn’t what it used to be – Most people wait five to seven years before solving their hearing problem. That’s time you cannot get back.
  2. Keep a positive attitude while you seek help – Success with your hearing aids will depend on your attitude, your desire to learn, and  determination to increase your ability to hear.
  3. Learn about your hearing problem – The best remedy for hearing loss is education. Learn all you can about your particular loss and work with an audiologist to determine the best solution for you.
  4. Set realistic expectations – You won’t hear again like you once did with normal hearing. Hearing aids are only a substitute for the original. However, recent advancements in digital technology means that your hearing aids can be programmed to fit your lifestyle. Our new hearing aids enable a level of hearing that is much closer to restoring your ‘normal’ hearing than would be possible with traditional hearing aids. While advanced digital hearing aids will help you hear better, it’s important to keep in mind that you won’t hear perfectly.
  5. Practice, time and patience – The transition to hearing aids requires practice. It’s an investment that usually begins to pay dividends within 45 days. Remember the more you wear your hearing aids, the better your experience will be.

If you or someone you know suffers from hearing loss or complications, we want to help them evaluate their treatment options to possibly lessen the the symptoms. Questions? Fill out the Contact Us form and we will readily supply more information. Ready for a free hearing evaluation and consultation? Let us know now!

Happy Hearing!

Jason Vanier